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Advisory Board

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Functions of MME Advisory Board Members

  • Bring the industry perspective and provide input to the continuous evaluation of objectives and assessment of outcomes of the BSME and BSMSE curricula, and suggest changes for implementation, as needed.
  • Act as facilitator in the school's efforts in getting financial, in-kind, and scholarship support from their companies.
  • Be a partner in the education process by maintaining active contact with the School during the academic year, and by visiting the Pullman campus at least twice a year (during the Advisory Board meetings).
  • Promote the school at their company through the hiring of interns and full-time personnel and participation in WSU career fairs.
  • Champion the school cause with the University administrators and the State of Washington with regard to budgets, research programs, and faculty hiring.
  • Vitalize the education process through participation in seminars, guest lectures, industry sabbaticals, collaborative research, and serving on student thesis committees.

It has been suggested that the Membership on the Advisory Board will have a 3-year term, renewable on mutual agreement for additional period(s).


(2-year term, elected spring 2016): Gene Jones
Vice Chairman
(2-year term, elected spring 2016): Greg Bogen

Current Board Members:

2016-2019 Term:
William Chambers
PACCAR Technical Center
Mount Vernon, WA
Rocky Gutierrez III
The Boeing Company
Seattle, WA
WSU grad: BS 1996, ME
D. Bruce Masson
WSU Emeritus Professor
Pullman, WA
WSU grad: BS 1954
Jason Tripard
Microsoft Corporation
Bellevue, WA
WSU grad: BS 1994, ME
2015-2018 Term:
Matthew J. Lyons
Nucor Steel Seattle, Inc.
Seattle, WA
WSU grad: BS 1987, ME
Randal J. Morrison
Vancouver, WA
WSU grad: BS 2006, ME
David Rohrig
Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
Richland, WA
WSU grad: MEM 2004
Eddie Schweitzer
Schweitzer Engineering Labs
Pullman, WA
WSU Grad: BS 2003, ME
Eric Sorenson
Blue Origin
Kent, WA
WSU Grad: BS, 1985, MSE
2014-2017 Term:
Greg J. Bogen
Columbia Energy and Environmental Services, Inc.
Richland, Washington
WSU grad: BS 1993, ME
Jarrod Carter
Origin Forensics LLC
Liberty Lake, WA
WSU grad: BS 1993, ME
Gene Jones
Vancouver, WA
WSU grad: BS 1980, ME
Jacob Montero
Kirkland, WA
WSU grad: BS 2005, ME
Elaine Thomas
Tacoma, WA
WSU grad: BS 1976, MSE
2013-2016 Term:
Scott Brandenburg
Thales Aerospace - US
Bellevue, WA
Sandy K. Fryer
Fryer Industries, Inc.
Orinda, CA
WSU grad: BS 1969, ME
Christy L. Turner
Sandia National Laboratories
Livermore, CA
WSU grad: BS 2001, ME MS 2002, MSE
John P. Whitlock
ImTech Technologies, LLC
Corvallis, OR
WSU grad: BS 1981
Documents for Members (password required)

MME Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members.  April 2015.

Members at the meeting on April 30, 2015. Left to right: Trevor Devaney, Randal Morrison, Elaine Thomas, Jason Tripard, Gene Jones, Jarrod Carter, Jake Montero, Greg Bogen, Eddie Schweitzer, JP Whitlock and MME Director Michael Kessler.

For access information to restricted Advisory Board documents please contact director@mme.wsu.edu .

Faculty Profiles

pictureOn this visit we highlight:
Yuehe Lin
Professor - Laboratory Fellow
Ph.D. in Environmental Chemistry from University of Idaho, Moscow, ID in 1997 with MME since 2013;
Laboratory Fellow; Joint Appointment with Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, more...

Research Areas

  • Synthesis and characterization of functional nanomaterials
  • Materials and devices for sensing, bioimaging, and drug delivery
  • Materials and systems for water monitoring and treatment
  • Nanomaterials for fuel cells, batteries, and supercapacitors
  • Electrochemistry, electrocatalysis and photoelectrocatalysis
  • Immunosensors, paper and microfluidic biosensors for biomarker detection
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