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Robert "Kurt" Hutchinson - Instructor

The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Robert "Kurt" Hutchinson - Instructor

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Robert "Kurt" Hutchinson

Contact Information:

office ETRL room 022 - Cougar Shop
telephone 509 335 6638
e-mail kurth@wsu.edu
Postal mail Robert "Kurt" Hutchinson
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Washington State University
PO BOX 642920
Pullman, WA 99164-2920

Joined MME in 2012, Joined CEA in 1987;


  • ME 311
  • ME 416
  • ME 475


  • 25 years working for CEA Engineering shops, last 10 years as Engineering Technician 3
  • 5 years as President and CEO of Palouse Precision Inc.
  • 3 years as crew chief of Formula Atlantic race team


School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering, PO Box 642920, Washington State University, Pullman WA 99164-2920, 509-335-8654, Contact Us