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Changki Mo - Assistant Professor

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Changki Mo - Assistant Professor

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Contact Information:

office West 134J Tri-Cities
telephone 509 372 7296
e-mail changki.mo@tricity.wsu.edu
Postal mail Changki Mo
Washington State University - Tri-Cities
2710 Crimson Way
Richland, WA 99354-1671
Changki Mo

Joined MME in 2010;
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Oklahoma in 1996

Research Interests:

  • Vehicular and Structural Vibration Control
  • Energy Harvesting:
    • Self-powered Medical Implants
    • Self-powered Structural Health Monitoring
  • Shape Memory Polymers for Morphing Systems
  • Micro Transducers including Actuators, Sensors, and Energy Harvesters
  • Fruit Picking Robot

Recent Publications:

  • Davison, J. R. and Mo, C., “Recent Advances in Energy Harvesting Technologies for Structural Health Monitoring Application,” Smart Materials Research, Accepted.
  • Mo, C., Davidson, J. R., and Clark, W. W., “Energy Harvesting with Piezoelectric Circular Membranes under Pressure Loading,” Smart Materials and Structures, Accepted.
  • Balogun, O. A. and Mo, C., “Shape Memory Polymers: Three-Dimensional Isotropic Modeling,” Smart Materials and Structures, Accepted.
  • Mo, C., Arnold, D., Kinsel, W., and Clark, W. W., “Modeling and Experimental Validation of Unimorph PZT Cymbal Design in Energy Harvesting,” Journal of Intelligent Material Systems and Structures, Vol. 24(7), pp. 828-836, 2013.
  • Mo, C. Wright, R., Knight, R. R., and Clark, W. W., “Finite element analysis of unimorph rectangular piezoelectric diaphragm actuators with experimental verification,” Smart Materials and Structures, Vol. 21(8), 085025 (7 pp), 2012.


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