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M. Grant Norton - Professor and Dean Honors College

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Contact Information:

office Dana 239 D
telephone 509 335 6617
e-mail norton@mme.wsu.edu
Postal mail M. Grant Norton
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Washington State University
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M. Grant Norton

Joined MME in 1991;
Ph.D. in Materials from Imperial College, London in 1989.

Research Interests:

  • Ceramic Materials
  • Nanotechnology
  • Clean Technology

Significant Publications:

  • C.B. Carter and M.G. Norton, ‘Ceramic Materials: Science and Engineering’ 2nd edition, Springer, New York (2013)
  • U. Sahaym, M.G. Norton, J. Huso, J.L. Morrison, H. Che, and L. Bergman, ‘Microstructure Evolution and Photoluminescence in Nanocrystalline MgxZn1-xO Thin Films,’ Nanotechnology 22, 425706 (2011)
  • O. Marin-Flores, T. Turba, K. Wang, J. Briet, J. Ahn, M.G. Norton, and S. Ha, “Nanoparticle Molybdenum Dioxide: A Highly Active Catalyst for Partial Oxidation of Aviation Fuels,” Applied Catalysis B: Environmental 98, 186 (2010)
  • C. Ye, J-C Xiao, B. Twamley, A.D. LaLonde, M.G. Norton, and J.M. Shreeve, “Basic Ionic Liquids: Facile Solvents for Carbon-Carbon Bond Formation Reactions and Ready Access to Palladium Nanoparticles,” European Journal of Organic Chemistry 30, 5095 (2007)
  • J.J. Nairn, P.J. Shapiro, M. Williams, B. Twamley, T. Pounds, C. Wang, R. von Wandruszka, R. Fletcher, and M.G. Norton, “Preparation of Ultrafine Chalcopyrite Nanoparticles via the Photochemical Decomposition of Molecular Single-Source Precursors,” Nano Letters 6, 1218 (2006)

Recent Publications:

  • B.W. Kwon, C. Ellefson, J. Breit, J. Kim, M.G. Norton, and S. Ha, ‘Molybdenum Dioxide-Based Anode for Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Applications,’ Journal of Power Sources, 243, 203 (2013)
  • D. Thapa, J. Huso, H. Che, M. Huso, J.L. Morrison, D. Gutierrez, M.G. Norton, and L. Bergman, ‘Probing Embedded Structural Inhomogeneities in MgZnO Alloys via Selective Resonant Raman Scattering,’ Applied Physics Letters 102, 191902 (2013)
  • C.A. Ellefson, O. Marin-Flores, S. Ha, and M.G. Norton, ‘Synthesis and Applications of Molybdenum (IV) Oxide,’ Journal of Materials Science 47, 2057 (2012)
  • M.B. Zbib, M.M. Dahl, U. Sahaym, M.G. Norton, E.W. Osborne, and D.F. Bahr, ‘Characterization of Granular Silicon, Powders, and Agglomerates from a Fluidized Bed Reactor,’ Journal of Materials Science 47, 2583 (2012)
  • M.B. Zbib, M.G. Norton, and D.F. Bahr, ‘Effect of Solute Hydrogen on Toughness of Feedstock Polycrystalline Silicon for Solar Cell Applications,’ Scripta Materialia 67, 756 (2012)


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