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Min Kyu Song - Assistant Professor

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Min Kyu Song

Contact Information:

office EE/ME 159
telephone 509 335 8218
e-mail minkyu.song@wsu.edu
Postal mail Min Kyu Song
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Washington State University
PO BOX 642920
Pullman, WA 99164-2920
Research Website labs.wsu.edu/song

Joined MME in 2015;
Postdoc, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2012-2014;
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2011.

Research Interests:

  • Rational design of materials/interfaces and manufacturing technologies
  • Energy technologies: (1) Batteries, (2) Fuel cells, (3) Supercapacitors and (4) Smart windows
  • Environmental technologies: (1) Electrochemical synthesis of fuels and (2) Electrochemical desalination/deionization of water
  • Bio-inspired materials and processes for energy and the environment
  • Structure-Property relations in materials and solid-state electrochemistry

Significant Publications:

  • M. K. Song, E. J. Cairns, and Y. Zhang, “Lithium-sulfur batteries with high specific energy: old challenges and new opportunities,” Nanoscale (review), 5, 2186-2204, 2013.
  • M. K. Song*, S. Park*, F. Alamgir, J. Cho and M. Liu, “Nanostructured electrodes for lithium-ion and lithium-air batteries,” Materials Science and Engineering:R: Reports (review), 72, 203-252, 2011.

Publications listed at Google Scholar:

28 Titles in date order
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Cited by Year
Physisorption Mechanism of Solvated Polysulfide Chains on Graphene Oxides with Varied Functional Groups
AM Dive, MK Song, S Banerjee
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C , 2017
3D graphene-based hybrid materials: synthesis and applications in energy storage and conversion
Q Shi, Y Cha, Y Song, JI Lee, C Zhu, X Li, MK Song, D Du, Y Lin
Nanoscale , 2016
6 2016
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Performance Characteristics of Lithium/Sulfur Cells
K Yoo, MK Song, EJ Cairns, P Dutta
Electrochimica Acta 213, 174-185 , 2016
1 2016
Encapsulation of redox polysulphides via chemical interaction with nitrogen atoms in the organic linkers of metal-organic framework nanocrystals
JH Park(+), KM Choi(+), DK Lee, BC Moon, SR Shin, MK Song, JK Kang
Scientific reports 6 , 2016
2 2016
X-ray Absorption Spectroscopic Characterization of the Synthesis Process: Revealing the Interactions in Cetyltrimethylammonium Bromide-Modified Sulfur-Graphene Oxide Nanocomposites
Y Ye, A Kawase, MK Song, B Feng, YS Liu, MA Marcus, J Feng, H Fang, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 120 (19), 10111-10117 , 2016
3 2016
X-ray absorption spectroscopy characterization of a Li/S cell
Y Ye, A Kawase, MK Song, B Feng, YS Liu, MA Marcus, J Feng, EJ Cairns, ...
Nanomaterials 6 (1), 14 , 2016
6 2016
Effects of cell construction parameters on the performance of lithium/sulfur cells
MK Song, Y Zhang, EJ Cairns
AIChE Journal 61 (9), 2749-2756 , 2015
3 2015
Durable carbon-coated Li2S core-shell materials for high performance lithium/sulfur cells
EJ Cairns, C Nan, MK Song, Z Lin, Z Lin
US Patent App. 14/630,406 , 2015
A long-life, high-rate lithium/sulfur cell utilizing a holistic approach to enhancing cell performance
EJ Cairns, MK Song, Y Zhang, , Y Zhang
US Patent App. 14/899,997 , 2014
Durable carbon-coated Li2S core-shell spheres for high performance lithium/sulfur cells
C Nan, Z Lin, H Liao, MK Song, Y Li, EJ Cairns
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136 (12), 4659-4663 , 2014
119 2014
Contribution of carbon fiber paper (CFP) to the capacitance of a CFP-supported manganese oxide supercapacitor
D Chen, MK Song, S Cheng, L Huang, M Liu
Journal of Power Sources 248, 1197-1200 , 2014
8 2014
Understanding the degradation mechanism of rechargeable lithium/sulfur cells: a comprehensive study of the sulfur-graphene oxide cathode after discharge/charge cycling
X Feng(+), MK Song(+), WC Stolte, D Gardenghi, D Zhang, X Sun, J Zhu, ...
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics , 2014
45 2014
A long-life, high-rate lithium/sulfur cell: a multifaceted approach to enhancing cell performance
MK Song, Y Zhang, EJ Cairns
Nano letters 13 (12), 5891-5899 , 2013
242 2013
Tetrazole-based, Anhydrous Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells
MK Song(+), H Li(+), J Li, D Zhao, J Wang, M Liu
Advanced Materials , 2013
30 2013
A triazole-based polymer electrolyte membrane for fuel cells operated in a wide temperature range (25-150°C) with little humidification
MK Song(+), X Zhu(+), M Liu
Journal of Power Sources , 2013
14 2013
Lithium/sulfur batteries with high specific energy: old challenges and new opportunities
MK Song, EJ Cairns, Y Zhang
Nanoscale 5 (6), 2186-2204 , 2013
263 2013
Nanostructured Li2S-C Composites as Cathode Material for High-Energy Lithium/Sulfur Batteries
K Cai(+), MK Song(+), EJ Cairns, Y Zhang
Nano letters 12 (12), 6474-6479 , 2012
156 2012
Anomalous pseudocapacitive behavior of a nanostructured, mixed-valent manganese oxide film for electrical energy storage
MK Song(+), S Cheng(+), H Chen, W Qin, KW Nam, S Xu, XQ Yang, ...
Nano letters 12 (7), 3483-3490 , 2012
144 2012
Facile preparation of nitrogen-doped graphene as a metal-free catalyst for oxygen reduction reaction
Z Lin, MK Song, Y Ding, Y Liu, M Liu, C Wong
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 14 (10), 3381-3387 , 2012
184 2012
Nanostructured electrodes for lithium-ion and lithium-air batteries: the latest developments, challenges, and perspectives
MK Song(+), S Park(+), FM Alamgir, J Cho, M Liu
Materials Science and Engineering: R: Reports 72 (11), 203-252 , 2011
353 2011
Fuel cell electrodes with triazole modified polymers and membrane electrode assemblies incorporating same
M Liu, X Zhu, MK Song, JG Muldoon, K Hase, , K Hase, , , K Hase, ...
US Patent 7,947,410 , 2011
A Durable Alternative for Proton‐Exchange Membranes: Sulfonated Poly (Benzoxazole Thioether Sulfone) s
D Zhao, J Li, MK Song, B Yi, H Zhang, M Liu
Advanced Energy Materials 1 (2), 203-211 , 2011
28 2011
Fiber Supercapacitors Made of Nanowire-Fiber Hybrid Structures for Wearable/Flexible Energy Storage
J Bae, MK Song, YJ Park, JM Kim, M Liu, ZL Wang
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 50 (7), 1683-1687 , 2011
477 2011
High surface area, micro/mesoporous carbon particles with selectable 3-D biogenic morphologies for tailored catalysis, filtration, or adsorption
Z Bao(+), MK Song(+), SC Davis, Y Cai, M Liu, KH Sandhage
Energy & Environmental Science 4 (10), 3980-3984 , 2011
13 2011
Structure for improving laminating efficiency of metal-separator for fuel cell
YC Yang, YB Kum, SH Kim, MK Song, HS Shin, JH Lee, SM Chin, KT Cho, ...
US Patent 7,572,540 , 2009
1 2009
Separating plate for polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cell and method for manufacturing the same
MK Song, YC Yang, KS Han, SI Huh, TW Lim, , TW Lim
US Patent App. 12/474,108 , 2009
3 2009
Activation of polymer electrolyte membrane fuel cells
JJ Ko, HJ Ko, MK Song, YC Yang, JH Lee
Journal of the Korean society for New and Renewable Energy 1 (2), 34-40 , 2005
Formation Mechanism of Electrodeposited Ni-SiC Composite Coatings
MK Song, JG Ahn, EC Lee
Journal of the Korean Institute of Metals and Materials 39 (8), 894-900 , 2001

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