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Dave Torick - Instructor

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Dave Torick - Instructor

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Dave Torick

Contact Information:

office EME 157
telephone 509 335 1881
e-mail dave.torick@wsu.edu
Postal mail Dave Torick
School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering
Washington State University
PO BOX 642920
Pullman, WA 99164-2920

Joined MME in 2015;
M.S. in Civil Engineering from the University of Pittsburgh in 2009.
M.Ed. in Secondary Science Education from the Ohio State University in 2000.

SolidWorks Certifications:
CAD-CSWA, CSWP, CSWE, CSWS-MD15, CSWPA-Advanced Sheet Metal, CSWPA-Advanced Weldments, CSWPA-Surfaces
CAE-CSWPA-Nonlinear, CSWA-Dynamics, CSWPA-Advanced Thermal and Frequency, CSWPA-Advanced Motion, CSWP-Flow, CSWS-Flow, CSWS-Plastics, CSWA-Sustainability
Training-CSWS-Simulation, CSWS-Mechanical Design
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