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Interdisciplinary Excellence Built On World-Class Knowledge

Become a national and international leader in key research areas
Define areas of strength of “multidisciplinary nature” that we have in our school and can build upon to grow our research and graduate programs.
Provide “formal” forums for faculty members from MME (and from other departments) of similar interests to work together to develop major research thrust areas and research proposals.
Current Areas of Strength in MME
  • Leading the region in research in materials processing, testing and characterization with emphasis on nanomaterials
  • Designing and developing new materials for improved safety and energy efficiency
  • Leading the northwest and the nation in Computational Materials Science and Engineering research
  • Being a national leader in the development of Power MEMS and portable power systems
  • Leading the nation in the area of Virtual reality and Virtual Manufacturing
  • Novel approaches to bioengineering with strong cross-college collaborations
The Forums

Faculty Profiles

pictureOn this visit we highlight:
Robert F. Richards
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of California at Irvine in 1990 with MME since 1992, more...

Research Areas

  • Heat Transfer across Nanoparticles
  • Thermal Switching
  • Very Low Cost Thermal and Fluid Experiments for Education
  • TrashWall: Very Low Cost Energy Retrofits via Recycled Materials
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