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The School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering has an active research faculty, conducting research over a wide range of topics.  The School supports the vast majority of graduate students to conduct their research.  Many graduate students are also supported in the research Institutes, Laboratories, and Centers associated with the school.  Often opportunities exist for undergraduate students to work with faculty on research projects.

Faculty Research Interests

The faculty in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering have a diverse range of research interests. This page lists by faculty member their current research interests.

Research Institutes, Laboratories, Centers and Groups

MME faculty and students participate in MME and multidisciplinary research organizations to include:

Research Forums

MME has five Research Forums for multidisciplinary research. These forums for faculty members from MME and from other departments of similar interests allow faculty to work together to develop major research thrust areas and research projects.

The Forums

Faculty Profiles

pictureOn this visit we highlight:
Min Kyu Song
Assistant Professor
Postdoc, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, 2012-2014;
Ph.D. in Materials Science and Engineering from Georgia Tech in 2011. with MME since 2015, more...

Research Areas

  • Rational design of materials/interfaces and manufacturing technologies
  • Energy technologies: (1) Batteries, (2) Fuel cells, (3) Supercapacitors and (4) Smart windows
  • Environmental technologies: (1) Electrochemical synthesis of fuels and (2) Electrochemical desalination/deionization of water
  • Bio-inspired materials and processes for energy and the environment
  • Structure-Property relations in materials and solid-state electrochemistry
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