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Each year the MME school awards scholarships from over 30 different sponsors to sophomore, junior, senior, and graduate students with awards ranging from $300 to $3000 in addition to scholarships awarded by the university. First-year and new transfer student scholarship awards are made at the University or Voiland College of Engineering and Architecture level.

Applying for a Scholarship

BSME and BSMSE students who have completed at least one semester at the Washington State University Pullman Campus, should visit the Scholarships page on the cougs.mme.wsu.edu web site.

Information on University level scholarships may be found on the WSU Student Financial Servies website. Applications for university awarded scholarships must be received by January 31st for consideration.

From time to time MME is informed of non-WSU scholarships. These offers are listed on this page.

Donating to a Scholarship

The MME school sends a special "thank you" to all who make the scholarship program successful in MME.

Scholarship Endowments

MME encourages students to achieve intellectual excellence and is committed to rewarding these achievements through scholarships.

Mechanical & Materials Engineering Scholarship

Awarded to students in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. The award is at least $500 per year. This fund is our main source of funding to reward our quality students, currently we average 10 awards per year from this endowment. Contribute

Faculty Recognition Endowments

Clayton T. Crowe Scholarship

Award for one or more students majoring in or intending to major in mechanical engineering. Clayton Crowe was a Professor in MME from 1969 through his retirement in 2000. This scholarship fund was established to honor Professor Crowe by his former students and colleagues. Contribute

Homer J. Dana Memorial Scholarship

Scholarship for undergraduate and graduate students in Mechanical Engineering. The recipient's accumulated grade point average must at least equal the average of all students in the department. The recipient must also demonstrate practical ability by conceiving a workable idea for new or improved device; demonstrate the ability to design this device, then construct and test it.

Servet Duran Scholarship Fund

Annual scholarship to a Materials Science and Engineering student. Eligible students will have completed their sophomore or junior year, rank near the top of the class, and financially be unable to complete their junior or senior year without borrowing money for tuition and expenses. In the event that more than one student is eligible, preference shall be given to a minority student or a woman. Dr. Duran was a Professor in MSE from the Mid Fifties through the late Seventies.

John Hirth Excellence Fund in Materials Science

Award one or more scholarships to students enrolled in the Materials Science & Engineering Program, maintains good academic standing, has demonstrated financial need. Professor Emeritus John P. Hirth was an exemplary teacher and researcher in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Dr. Hirth joined MME in 1988 and retired in 1997. Professor Hirth developed many theories that form the basis for much of our current understanding of materials and how they behave. More importantly, his mentoring of hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students at Washington State University resonates well beyond those he has interacted with directly. This endowment fund was established to honor Professor Hirth's legacy at Washington State University. Contribute to this fund..

Eri B. Parker Scholarship

Scholarship for full time undergraduates in Mechanical Engineering. Based on financial need and academic achievement. Professor Parker was at WSU in the Forties.

RV Subramanian Graduate Fellowship

A fellowship for one or more graduate students in Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Funds are administered by the Director. This Fellowship was created in 1999 by a generous gift from Balaji Subramanian to honor his father, R. V. Subramanian, a professor of materials science and engineering at WSU from 1969 to 1997. Dr. Subramanian helped initiate a vigorous research and academic program in polymers, and developed a patented process for producing high-strength reinforcing fibers from naturally occurring basalt. Dr. Subramanian earned his bachelor's, master's, and doctoral degrees in chemistry from the University of Madras in India.

Donor and Memorial Scholarships

Boeing Scholarship

Awarded annually to an undergraduate (junior or senior) with good academics. The award is $3,000. The recipient must be a mechanical engineering student interested in future employment with the Boeing Company.

Burnett Memorial

Annual scholarship for engineering student who is also participating in a college sport. Student cannot be receiving full tuition from an athletic scholarship.

Harold P. Curtis Scholarship

Merit scholarship support for United States citizens pursuing a graduate engineering degree.

R.S. Dalrymple Scholarship

Fellowship for undergraduate and/or fellowships for graduate students in Material Science; preferably corrosion. The student must be attending school full-time.

DeVlieg Foundation Scholarship

Recipients must be sophomores or juniors with at least a 3.0 GPA majoring in or showing a strong preference for mechanical engineering or materials science engineering. If more than three students meet these criteria, the recipients will be selected according to their financial need.

Mike and Jean Dragnich Endowment Scholarship

Scholarships for students graduating from Republic High School, Republic, WA. The recipient's grade point average must be at least 3.2. There is a moral obligation to repay money to increase the scholarship fund, but not required.

Arthur E. Drucker Scholarship

Scholarships to students in metallurgy. The award is to aid any worthy and needy students.

Benjamin & Nancy Ellison Endowment

Scholarship to certified students in Mechanical Engineering showing married status and financial need, parents with financial need, or students with financial need.

John and Donna Fabian Scholarship Fund

Support for upper-class or graduate students majoring in Mechanical Engineering. Recipient must have GPA of 3.0 or better.

Gary and Sandy Fryer Scholarship for Women in Mechanical Engineering

First consideration is to a female student working toward a major in Mechanical Engineering. If no female candidate is available then consideration is to a male student working toward a major in Mechanical Engineering. This is at the discretion of the Director of the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering.

Govila Material Science Scholarship

A fellowship for a promising student in metallurgy or polymer science to pursue graduate education. Financial need will be considered but academics are an important criterion.

Hamrick Family Scholarship

Support for one or more students who are majoring in mechanical engineering with the following criteria: 1) Demonstrated financial need, 2) Minimum cumulative gpa of 3.5, 3) sophomore or higher in class standing, and 4) preference for students from the state of Washington.

Gene Haas Scholarship

Scholarships for student machinist-based training or engineering programs. Scholarships are for four to six students currently enrolled in the engineering program, hand picked by instructor Kurt Hutchinson, who have a special interest in CNC manufacturing.

Kaiser Scholarship

Scholarship awarded to undergraduate students in Materials Science and Engineering.

J. Howard Kittel Scholarship

For students in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. First preference to a student intending to pursue a career in the nuclear industry; second preference to a student majoring in Materials Science and Engineering; Third preference to a student majoring in Mechanical Engineering.

Howard Bradbury & Erna Langdon Scholarship

Scholarship awarded to full time undergraduate or graduate male students in Mechanical Engineering. Awards made for two consecutive years in Mechanical Engineering, then the third year award will be made to female in education or home economics. Must be in upper 50th percentile of class, of excellent character and in financial need. Awards are not less than $200.

Paul and Marlene Laufman Scholarship

Scholarships for students pursuing an undergraduate degree in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering. Preferences in this order: transfer students from community colleges, married students, declared upper-division students, lower-division students.

Michel Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship awarded to an upper class student in Mechanical Engineering. This scholarship is awarded every other year in an amount that does not exceed $500.

Charles P. Murray Endowed Engineering Scholarship

Award of one or more scholarships to students in Mechanical and Materials Engineering based on academic achievement.

Thomas C. and Winifred Neill Excellence in Mechanical and Materials Engineering Scholarship

The scholarship is disbursed at the program Chair's discretion for any pressing need.

Madison and Virginia Oliver Endowment

One or more scholarships for students pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Undergraduate student must be enrolled full-time with a major in Mechanical Engineering. Graduate students in Mechanical Engineering may be considered if there are insufficient undergraduate candidates. Demonstrated financial need will be considered. Eligible candidates shall be in good academic standing and be a U.S. citizen, a citizen of a U.S. possession, or other legal resident of the U.S. Preference will be given to students working toward a minor in business administration or financial management.

Charles L. O'Shea Endowed Scholarship

Scholarships to one or more students in the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering.

PSF Mechanical, Inc. and the Beardsley Family Foundation Scholarship Endowment in Mechanical Engineering

Scholarships for Junior (3rd year) level student in the School of Mechanical & Materials Engineering, preference to residents of the State of Washington, and students with demonstrated financial need.

Marge Pare Women Engineers Scholarship

Scholarships for full time first-year and sophomore women majoring in Mechanical or Civil Engineering. The selection is made by the School of Mechanical and Materials Engineering chair based on academic potential and need. The scholarship offers a maximum of $500 per year per recipient.

Abbie Seehafer Scholarship and Excellence Fund in Materials Science

Scholarship support for female Material Science students and support for the Washington State University student chapter of the American Society of Metals. The scholarship will be rewarded to a female sophomore or junior with a 2.25 minimum GPA. The recipient must be taking or have taken MSE 110 and also must demonstrate people skills through extra-curricular activities such as clubs, civic, or hobby. At least $1,000 in scholarships and $200 in student activities will be supported each year.

Richard and Jan Stout Fellowship

Fellowship stipend for such things as tuition and fees, subsistence, research expenses, and other educationally related costs. Students must be working toward a certificate in Nuclear Engineering and have completed ME461 (or equivalent) and be enrolled or intend to enroll in ME565 (or equivalent). Preference will be given to students studying in Pullman.

Robert and Nancy Strong Scholarship in Mechanical Engineering

Scholarships to one or more sophomore, junior, and senior level students in Mechanical Engineering who are good students but not necessarily at the top of their class who demonstrate financial need. Preference is given to students with military training or from a military family.

Robert and Nancy Strong Graduate Fellowship in Mechanical Engineering

Fellowship stipends to one or more graduate students in Mechanical Engineering. To be used by the recipient for such things as tuition and fees, subsistence, research expenses, and other educationally related costs.

Alfred Suksdorf College Programs

A Scholarship or fellowship for graduate students in engineering based on financial need and academic achievement.

Guy E. Thornton Engineering/Architecture Endowment Fund

A fund for first-year or sophomore students enrolled in or planning to enroll in Mechanical Engineering

Alec Willis Scholarship

A scholarship for a Mechanical Engineering undergraduate student who has a cumulative GPA of 3.5 or better, is a United States citizen, and is planning to attend graduate school.

Faculty Profiles

pictureOn this visit we highlight:
Zhiquan Shu
Clinical Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of Washington, 2013. with MME since 2015, more...

Research Areas

  • Bio-heat/mass transfer
  • Cryobiology, biopreservation and biobanking
  • Bio-instruments
  • Microfluidics
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