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MME Seminar Series

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MME Seminar Series

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picture: Paul Laufman.

Mr. Paul Laufman, Co-Founder United Paradyne Corporation, delivers the 2010 Distinguished Alumnus Lecture.Rocket Propulsion: Space Policy and its Entrepreneurial Impact

2016-2017 Series

Each semester the school sponsors a speaker series inviting both on campus and outside speakers to present current research activities to the faculty and students in the school and university. The seminars are open to all and are announced each week to the campus. The graduate student seminar class attends the series and students often make presentations to the school as part of the series. The school also invites distinguished alumni to make presentations as part of the series.

With outside speakers, a meet the speaker session with refreshments normally starts at 10:30 ,in ETRL 119.

Upcoming 2016 - 2017 Series Speakers

August 25, 2016 ; Fall 2016; Series Begins
TIME: 11:10am

Perviously presented



Faculty Profiles

pictureOn this visit we highlight:
Changki Mo
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from University of Oklahoma in 1996 with MME since 2010, more...

Research Areas

  • Vehicular and Structural Vibration Control
  • Smart Materials and Structures
    • Vibration-based Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting
    • MEMS Actuators and Sensors
    • Adaptive Structures using Shape Memory Polymers
  • Agricultural Robotics and Automation
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