Hydrofoil Boats

Hydrofoils are specially profiled surfaces that generate significant lift at low drag when moving through water. Hydrofoil systems can be applied for lifting ship hulls out of water, thus drastically reducing water resistance. In high-speed foilborne regimes hydrofoil boats are more economical than other ship types. The maximum economical speed (50-60 knots) is limited by cavitation when air/vapor bubbles or cavities appear on low-pressure surfaces of foils.

In the 1990's Dr. Matveev has been involved in studying hydrofoil singing on fast ferries. New foil profiles made of titanium generated loud tonal sound in some speed regimes. By modifying foil shapes we were able to eliminate this noise without affecting hydrodynamic performance of foil systems. Olympia class fast ferry, where this study was done, is shown below. Dr. Matveev's father (Ivan Ivanovich Matveev) was the chief designer of this ship.

In the 2000's Dr. Matveev has developed simulation methods for hydrodynamics and dynamics of hydrofoil boats, incluing modeling of complex foil systems, stability analysis, and motions in waves. A simple foil lift calculator in Excel can be downloaded here. More information on hydrofoil ships and other advanced marine craft can be found on www.hydrofoils.org. At WSU Dr. Matveev advised Solar Splash student team that builds boats operating on solar enery. One of unusual hydrofoil models proposed for this purpose is shown below.

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