Indo-US Science and Technology Forum sponsored

Center of Excellence for Design of Sustainable Products, Services and Manufacturing Systems


Collaborative work to support designers develop sustainable products, services and mfg systems. Designers will need these:

  • Guidelines, methods and tools to generate and evaluate sustainable systems
  • Indicators/measures to assess sustainability and select appropriate systems
  • Training on these to be competent at developing sustainable systems.

Task list

  • Compile guidelines, methods and tools for generating sustainable systems
  • Compile indicators and measures with which to assess sustainability of systems and select
  • Indian Insitute of Management (IIM), Ahmedabad (A Gupta)
  • Compile methods for training designers on using the aforementioned compilations
  • Identify and compile case studies that demonstrate the above in the context of real problems
  • Identify and compile design problems and solve them using this knowledge: these act as further case studies for training.
  • Develop a template for design for sustainability and a template for training future engineers