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Approved Baseball Bats

Bat performance is measured in a controlled laboratory environment using an air cannon as described in the glossary. To measure the performance of baseball bats, the Bat-Ball Coefficient of Restitution (or BBCOR) test protocol is followed. The National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) and the National Highschool Federation (NHFS) use the BBCOR test to approve baseball bats.

The performance of some composite bats can change with use. To help ensure composite bats do not exceed the performance limit, the NCAA developed an Accelerated Break-In test protocol (or ABI). All composite bats must pass the ABI test protocol to be NCAA certified.

The link below lists the baseball bat models that are currently approved by the NCAA and NFHS.

Approved BBCOR Baseball Bats



Effective 2/17/12 the Marucci 33 inch Cat 5^2 BBCOR bat is not approved. Details may be found in: NCAA, NFHS.

Effective 3/22/12 the Reebock 33 inch Vector TLS bat is not approved. Details may be found in: NCAA, NFHS.

Effective 6/6/12 the Marucci 34 inch Cat 5^2, Marucci 33 inch Black, and Marucci 34 inch Black BBCOR bats are not approved by the NCAA. Details may be found in: NCAA.

Effective 8/14/12 the Reebock 32 inch Vector TLS bat is not approved by the NFHS. Details may be found in: NFHS.

Good Vibrations

The frequency response function of a bat. (The peaks are the natural frequncies.)

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